Salt air, cool breeze, adventure in my soul.


Whidbey Island is a place for those who come looking for rest and relaxation. It's true the pace is much slower than city life.  There is virtually no traffic, people are friendlier, and we are surrounded by beauty and nature.  That could be why locals are so low key.  Some would say we are on Island Time. 

To locals.... Island Life is just an everyday adventure.  Come see for yourself.


All photography provided by Mynda Myres



Island Girl Adventures was created by adventuresome women who work and live on Whidbey.  They make their every day life more than just time spent in the office or at home doing housework.  Why not paddle at sunrise or sunset?  Why not have a picnic dinner on a bluff overlooking the mountains and the sea? Why not take lunch break in the beautiful forests that surrounds us?

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Island Girl Adventures are here to share our island and experiences.  We'll show you some of our favorite places we like to explore.  Whether it's walking, hiking, biking, floating or paddling, we have epic adventures for you. 

Your experience awaits.


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